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Need for Speed
Winterville, NC
reply to atuarre

Re: $40 dollar charge for them putting a splitter on a cable?

Further on this topic...

If indeed anything inside the residence is up to you to keep working, then why would they be changing the splitter in the first place?

And.... If they wanted to change it, shouldn't they need to not only inform you of the charge, but get your authorization before doing the work?

Something stinks, and it's not me.
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Haughton, LA
What stinks is there is a handful of people in the process of billing you. Even my first month and on install I was told in person that there was NO install fee promotion. First bill I got was w/ install fee AND per outlet charge. After calling them they refunded the install fee but wouldn't do anything about the outlet fee because the ticket showed 3 lines...... Would have been silly to get 3 lines run when I didn't even have a tv at that point, lol. And besides, the people doing the work most of the time aren't even SL techs so they could care less what they put on the ticket.

But even if you turned down getting your inside lines worked on, they could still hit you with the truck roll charge. Another fee that is "supposed" to be applied on any work where no problems are found with "their" equipment.

And OP, if you run your own line to the box, make sure to use compression fittings so they can't claim it was your crimp on connectors causing the signal problem. Been through that bs twice....
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