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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to cymraeg

Re: [Classes] Warrior Fury Guide to Killing everything that move

Orrr you can 10s of burst into a 30% damage increase for 10 seconds every minute.

I mean, Bloodbath is a flat 5% increase (30% damage * 10s / 60s) before you take into account the ability to load it up during high damage phases, where as Avatar is a 4% increase after the adjustments (20% increase * 24s / 120s). The rage effects counter-balance the lack of pure % increase, but consider that a larger chunk of the damage is outside of the CSmash debuff (so its benefit isn't amplified as much), with a relatively high chance of Enrage not being present for the entire duration, as well as lining up poorly with Reck, Shat Throw, and Skull Banner.

Once the rage effects are gone, Avatar is clearly worse, unless you need to break a root or something.

Thread Killer
Dodge, NE

on a stand a deliver type of fight or a movement fight where you dont get to stack up with BB, do you have any numbers i can look at nick? i understand your math but i would like some real application numbers to see.
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Nick D
Orange, CA

Well, yes, if you have fights where your uptime is such that you can't stack BB on cooldown, but you do have 30s stretches to get full use out of Avatar, then sure.

But those fights are going to be weird. Maybe if you have the WORST transitions on Zor'lok it could be an issue.

I don't have personal numbers; I was just napkin mathing because I've been thinking about it.

And, as always, fight mechanics may negate generic choices. I'd run Avatar on Elegon because a faster end phase is very important, and BB isn't particularly good for bursting down Orbs (though BB + Dragon's Roar at the spawn would be pretty saucy)

But I tank Elegon, so.


Carrollton, TX
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The reason that Bloodbath is an overall DPS increase is because of the bleed. So the more damage you can output in 12 seconds while it is up, the higher the bleed is. I have seen upwards of 21k BB ticks. That is a big bleed. Thing is you should be using along with other dps cooldowns such as Dragon's roar and Rescklessness. The choice between BB and Avatar is purely situational. But as I've stated, this is what fits my play style. I'll get world of logs working tonight and try to get some numbers post between BB vs. Avatar. Honestly, if you are lacking in the gear department, Avatar is going to work better for you. BB really should be used once you have a decent amount of crit. The throughput for BB is higher that Avatar though atm. But it isn't something exponentionally bigger though.