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reply to rradina

Re: no biggy

Apparently you suffer not only from unearned visions of grandeur but an inability to read as well. Find me the phrase that said 1. they replaced all my wiring and 2. that I paid for the in house wire repair.

Come on now try reading instead of trying to control what others should and shouldn't do.

I find those who suspect all others of being dishonest usually suffer from the disorder themselves.

BTW you inability to reason and read is the definition of "fool".


Chesterfield, MO
Didn't you claim that "house wiring was included and it paid off the first day" -- or something along those lines.

New wiring is a phrase I used to cover any wire maintenance on the house. A new patch cord, a new run to a particular outlet, a new F connector, a new splitter, who knows. I could have been more clear. Regardless of what they did, how do you know you actually needed the "new wiring" and what it would have cost if it wasn't included? Since you seem certain it paid off, from your perspective they must have done something that you consider major or at least expensive.

Why do you think I'm trying to control what you do? In my first post in this topic I said I didn't think this was bad enough to make illegal but I'm arguing that these types of schemes are an insidious practice with the intent of making dishonest money. Why? They are designed to take advantage of those who are technologically ignorant and manifest fear about what they don't know. I believe it's another form of the well-documented tactics practiced by some auto mechanics and repair shops.

Regarding the rest, my intent is not to make this personal. I apologize if something I have said has made you feel this is personal.