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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to StepBack

Re: How to get my supervision to back off

said by StepBack :

Ok well put hopefully it all works out. Here’s a question for you, can these sorts of bad habits be corrected? The guys that are here have been following in his footsteps sort of.

All bad habits can be corrected but it takes the following things.

1. A plan of attack. If you see an opportunity for improvement or a bad habit that you would like to see corrected, then make a plan to correct it.

2. Leadership that is behind your plan. Make sure that you communicate with your IT Manager and get buy in from him first. As you work with him on these things, his confidence in you will grow and you will be able to do these things more routinely.

If a user decides to keep up with their bad habits, then the manager will be behind you when it comes to correcting that behavior and getting them back on track.
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