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This is a sub-selection from Unsustainable

Snohomish, WA
reply to morbo

Re: Unsustainable

it's showing what?
That if you have large cash reserves you can build a provider network, without regard to cost, sustainability, profit (yes, even google makes a profit, on their core businesses) ?
That if you can OBLIGATE a city to offload normal costs and risks on to the taxpayers, then a buildout is simpler and cheaper for the provider? (which would likely lead to lower monthly rates for users, tough luck for the taxpayer who don't see direct benefit)
OR perhaps that ordinary citizens can be trained to grovel and beg like dogs in order to get the attention of the mighty Google first.

While Google will learn alot about the ISP business, as well as learn and retain a great deal about the habits and uses of internet users in KC, this is hardly a demonstration likely to convince or existing providers to rush forward with FTTH projects.

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It's showing that next generation networks can be built and that there is high consumer and business demand for affordable high speed networks. It's showing the public and politicians how inept and greedy incumbent providers really are, milking consumers for snail paced speeds and charging a premium for doing it. It's showing how high speed internet will encourage innovation.

Like any investment, the payback isn't immediate, but it will be a money maker over time. Then what will telco and cableco give for an excuse for providing such a lousy, expensive service?