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Evans, GA

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Re: [Theory] Learn to write Macros (Abilities OFF the GCD)

My Discipline Healing uses this macro for Atonement healing
/cast [@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Holy Fire
/cast [@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Smite
Both Holy Fire and Smite build Evangelism stacks, and I really like how the DoT of Holy Fire becomes a HoT through Atonement, so smite while Holy Fire is on cooldown...

For dailies (when I was doing them in my Discipline spec) I had to make an important change
/cast [@target][@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Holy Fire
/cast [@target][@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Smite
"Why", do you ask? Well... I hate being stuck in combat. If you notice in my mouseover, harm situation, if I'm trying to tag a Daily mob that is being killed by the opposing faction, both the NPC AND the other player fit the bill. For some reason (I'm sure it is by design) the macro would always prefer the cross-faction player over the tagged mob. So, my Holy Fire and Smite would hit the player no matter what I had as my Mouseover target. NPC dies... I'm still in combat because I tagged the other player. If they noticed, now I'm engaged in pvp... if they didn't... I have to run far away before I can mount.

another macro to try
/castsequence [@mouseovertarget, harm][@target] reset=17/Target/Combat Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay
If multi-dotting, the change of targets will reset the cast sequence, so you can do only SW:P or you can wait until after VT before changing targets. If you are on one target (and are using different macros or action bar buttons for Mind Blast, Devouring Plague, and Mind Spike) then using the reset=17 should get you to refresh SW:P at a good time. I don't use this because I'm not 100% on board with castsequence gameplay.
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