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Aliso Viejo, CA

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[CA] 3x1 in Orange County, CA with Cisco DPQ3212


I have Cox Premier level internet here in Orange County and have been having performance issues over the last several days (Xbox 360 multiplayer lagging, long ping and site load times, etc.) and finally did some investigating on my modem. Looks like I was only bonding 1x1 channels on my Cisco DPQ3212.

I did a reset and am now seeing the following:

Model: Cisco DPQ3212
Vendor: Cisco
Hardware Revision: 1.0
MAC Address:: *****************
Bootloader Revision: 2.3.0_R1
Current Software Revision: D3212-P15-5-v302r12901-111114a-COX
Firmware Name: D3212-P15-5-v302r12901-111114a-COX.bin
Firmware Build Time: Nov 14 2011 16:35:56
Cable Modem Status: Operational


Downstream Channels
Power Level Signal to Noise Ratio
Channel 1: -1.9 dBmv 39.8 dB
Channel 2: -1.9 dBmv 39.4 dB
Channel 3: -2.2 dBmv 39.1 dB
Channel 4: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dB
Channel 5: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dB
Channel 6: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dB
Channel 7: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dB
Channel 8: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dB


Upstream Channels
Power Level
Channel 1: 40.2 dBmv
Channel 2: 0.0 dBmv
Channel 3: 0.0 dBmv
Channel 4: 0.0 dBmv

Does 3x1 seem reasonable in Orange County, CA? I had seen others posting that they were binding to more channels.

Regardless, my speed has definitely improved since resetting my modem so would definitely encourage others to take that step as a first measure regardless of how futile it often sounds.

Thanks in advance for the help