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Re: ndis.sys crash on Server 2008 R2

Holy sh*t firmware upgrade. Seems to be working fine now. I still don't know why it stopped after having been in use for a time now. The firmware route I pulled out of my a$$. Not sure why I thought of it but at 2:00 AM I thought "hmmm, firmware, I'll try it when I get up in a few hours". That was my last uphill charge with bayonets locked before I nuked it.

@JoelC707, this is one of two physical DCs. We virtualized a DC (the VM DC makes three). I have in the plans to demote this one and set up a second virtual DC (still three, one physical, two virtual), but my plans weren't meant to be put in place so soon.

I think this firmware upgrade fixed it though. The gigabit NIC team had firmware 3.x.x and the upgrade was at 7.x.x.

Edit: Broadcom 5722 with driver version, firmware version 7.4.8. The connectivity was dying once BACS 4 was fully loaded and removing BACS 4 didn't fix it. Guess firmware was the route.
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