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reply to ke4pym

Re: [TWC] Approved Modem list gets bigger.

said by ke4pym:

This is great and all. But as I told the CSR yesterday:

What if I buy my own modem, TWC sends a firmware update to it and bricks it. Who's responsible for replacing it?

A modem bricked from firmware is next to impossible these days. They keep two copies of firmware on the modem and one is upgraded and used if it works. If it doesn't work, it falls back to the working version and can be attempted again. Plus, the entire reason they have a list of approved modems is that they test them with firmware that they are given to be sure that simply loading the firmware on won't brick them. And a corrupt copy of a good firmware will never load and brick because of there being 2 firmwares, as well as it failing checksum if it is corrupt.

What if the modem is blown up from a lightning strike that their system picks up and sends my way?

More than your modem is going to fry because of that. This could fry your TV as well if you have coax going into your TV.

I imagine if you prove that this was completely because of a fault of theirs, they could be forced to pay for everything that was fried.

If you are that worried that their system is not grounded correctly, then you should get a surge protector with an F-connector on it and put your modem connection through that.