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Ottawa, ON

ACANAC-Fraud [Stay Away]

Since Sept 9, 2012 ACANAC billing dept don’t want give me my money back,
I paid $640.00 upfront, this ACANAC resolution the want to pay back only $406.32
And they want to charge me for the following:
1- Two month service I never had 2 rate $49.95 + TAx. = $112.89
2- $75.00 for the modem I shipped to them and paid the shipping cost too
3- Activation fee $50.00
4- Shipping fee $9.95
Total $ 247.84 for less than a month of a very bad service

1-My account was activated July25-2012,
2- Aug1 to Aug9-2012 your service was down.
3- Aug 10 service comes back at very low speed can not run video or internet
4- Your technician tried to fix the problem many from Aug10 until sept6 but when they gave up they promised sending a Technician week after week during that period for three times but no technician showed up
5-Oct 8-2012 your internet went down, next day I sent your billing
dept an email asking to close the account and I shipped you two
modems one bad and another good and I paid $36.00

This the worst Internet company I dealt with in my life
I explained clearly that I'm not getting what I paid for:
1- You sent me a wrong modem without power supply and I have to ship
it back and pay $46.00
2- the speed is very low to run any Video specially the upload which
never exceed o.32 and most of the time o.2 Mbps which not enough to
run any Video
3- Your Technician stole my satellite cable and used for your internet
and I have to buy a new one cost me $45
4- Internet was down many times for days
5- You Tech-sup ruined my PC and I have to fix which cost me $75.00
6- Shipping cost for your wrong shipped modem and the new one $ 35.0
7- Cust-service is hard to reach sometimes two hours waiting for ACANC
staff to pick up
Now your billing want to charge me 2-month for that very bad service @ monthly rate $49.99
So, I’m paying for this one month of vry bad service of ACANAC :

247.84 +75+35+45= $402.84/month

Plus many hours wasted doing speed test for ACANAC tech-sup before
calling them; every time at least TEN tests with different SW

Too much money and waste of time

No-one want to deal with money or billing so, they hang up or refuse
to discuss it

shall refer to ticket #bpa77521

That is the only positive thing I experienced since dealing with ACANAC

Would please Give me my money back and charge me what is fair for your service

Zazeen Inc
Mississauga, ON


The following was sent to you.

"Thank you for your correspondence. We are sorry to hear that you have decided to cancel the service.

You will be assessed for 4 months of service (which you have used) at our regular monthly rate. The remainder of your payment is refundable to you.

Please reply back with your confirmation, so that your account can be adjusted."

Sine you had some issues what I can do is offer you full refund no questions asked. Please let me know if this would be ok with you.