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Tavistock NJ
reply to FFH

Re: Microsoft Security Bulletin(s) for November 13 2012

said by FFH:

said by FFH:

P.S.>> My windows 8 Pro laptop update taking forever to download patches. Not sure why Win 7 worked fast as usual, but Win 8 Update taking forever just to download the patches.

The following 3 Win 8 patches won't successfully complete downloading. After a long period they fail with error code
80072ee2. »windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wind···80072ee2

The following patches did apply successfully to the Win 8 laptop:

I had to go to Windows Download Center to install KB2769165 & KB2770917(multiple files) patches. They were timing out using Windows Update pgm. After downloading and installing, I reset the Windows Update database and cleared it using Windows Update Troubleshooter. A subsequent run of Windows Update shows everything now up to date. Not thrilled with the Win patch tuesday process for Win8. See how it goes next month.
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