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reply to resa1983

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by resa1983:

#CRTC issues a letter about Rogers new tariffs

I don't do the twitter. Mind asking him if he can upload it or forward you a copy, please.

said by resa1983:

comments limited to pricing for new speeds due Nov 20th.

Limit to price? That makes it easy...
Free. Just like Rogers own customers.

However, if I'm not mistaken (I only gave it the fast once over) 2010-632, which I linked to on page 1 of this topic, appears to give the cable-co's wiggle room as opposed to the ilecs (dsl). Would have to re-read it (which doesn't really interest me), but something about substantially more investment required on the cable-co's end versus the telco's.

So Maybe Rogers does have a point. And maybe this is why CNOC chose to ignore this policy in their filing. Dunno... But this does give Rogers undue preference.

North York, ON
I asked jf for the latest filing.

I assume crtc is attempting to separate tariff notice price issues from speed enforcement issues, but that doesn't work due to rogers thinking they can upgrade speeds and call it a new tier and request more money for it. This entire speed matching issue is because of the 'new tiers' bullshit rogers is pulling.
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