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[Internet] Game disconnects in Sanford Fl w/ lightning service

I've had Bright house service for going on 7 years now and since upgrading to Road Runner Lightning I've had nothing but problems.

I'm a gamer and I suffer disconnects constantly in just about every game I play. Both of the connections i'll be talking about are hard wired. Upon upgrading RRL the disconnects would happen in Diablo 3 and WOW. I had to completely stop playing Diablo 3 because the disconnects were so often and bad, it made the game unplayable. With WOW i would be connected and then all of a sudden the game would have nothing happen for 30-45(A bit longer sometimes) at which point i would be disconnected or the game would finally catch up.

Now that I've stepped away from PC games, i'm experiencing similar issues on the Xbox 360. I'll be in a game, then suddenly i'll lose connection to the host. This happens in Halo / MW3 and Black Ops 2. I know that it's my connection as oppose to the host b/c i'm usually playing with friends and i'll be the only one that gets disconnected.

I've set my xbox up with a static ip, it's nat type is open. I experience this issue with Port forwarding enabled and/or when it's outside of the DMZ.

As I stated before I have Roadrunner lightening with the Ubee Modem. I connected another router we had lying around which is a D-Link Dir 825 and use it as a bridge. The issue happens whether i'm hooked in to the modem or the bridged D-Link.

I'm almost at the point where the speed of the connection isn't worth the hassle of not being able to stay connected while gaming. Hoping i can find a resolution.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

Re: [Internet] Game disconnects in Sanford Fl w/ lightning servi

Let's get it fixed. Open a direct forums thread and be sure to include your IP so I can take a look at your equipment.