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Clinton, NC
reply to ICit2

Re: CenturyLink DSL speeds dropped in the last week

I had a problem almost like yours and it took six calls to correct. After they switched the pair my speed dropped from the 2945/600 sync rate the modem was at. Finally I called so much that a supervisor called the plant operations manager for my area, and they sent out their lead DSL tech. Before the tech came out tech support noticed that DSLExpress had turned down my speed automatically to make the line more stable, so they raised my speed profile back up... you have to beg to get this done because engineering does not like to in a fear that your DSL connection will drop every 5-10 min. Back to the tech that came out... he (lead DSl tech) found that the first tech overlooked a bridge-tap that was on the line, and he also found a second bridge-tap even though engineering said there was only one bridge-tap on our pair. My issue was resolved with numerous calls, engineering raising my speed profile in the DSLAM and turning DSLExpress off of my line, and the lead DSL tech, checking every stat of my pair and tracing the line all the way back to the CO removing any bridge-taps that were on it. My line will now sync at 3520/736 and my downloads/uploads are always between 3.05/640 or 3.10/650.