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Peterborough, ON
reply to Wolfie00

Re: [Serious] As Long As You're Getting An Education...

said by Wolfie00:

I get that. But this is not an arbitrary judgment based on social strata, like some aristocrat being let off in circumstances where a common peon wouldn't be. This seems more like a rational judgment of where you draw the line on destroying what might be a promising future, to the possible detriment not only of the accused, but of the society making the judgment.

Of course on the surface the sentencing is not based solely on social strata but on the facts specific to the case. Judges do however have inherent bias whether they are cognizant of it or not. As most if not almost all judges were once a young man in university then one cannot deny the correlation to a bias perceived or not. The very fact you went to university and susceptible to a very mild form of intelligentsia means you are likely to be more sympathetic to this guy in this thread for example. To deny these factors is naivety of human nature not commensurate with your education.