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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable

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Re: What business does..

said by tshirt:

Do you local supermarkets each advertize some on sale item each week, hoping the majority of shoppers coming in for the discount steak will fill alot of their cart with normal priced higher profit items?

Virtually every business will give a discount when you buy multiple items, expecting them to make the single "best " item the loss leader is silly.

My cable/phone/ISP works like this. First off I have no other choice but Sat for internet and cable. Their bundle deal last I saw was 1.5 meg down internet, digital channels but they are in 4 by 3 and basic phone service for $99. For 5 meg and HDTV package it costs about $70 more a month. There is no price advantage with bundling in fact they make the bundle crap so you will up grade. Don't have a bundle like myself and they simply charge more for stand alone services. BTW they don't offer 1.5 meg internet service as a stand alone 5 meg is the lowest tier. Tell me they aren't trying to get people to upgrade to more expensive packages. Sat internet is not an option but that would be the only other we have. Anyone else have digital channels but everyone is in 4 by 3???? You know how crappy that looks when everything is cut off???