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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to 88615298

Re: And this is different than McDonald's how?

said by 88615298:

price a Big Mac, fries and a drink individually then price a value meal. A Big Mac by itself isn't much cheaper than just getting the value meal.

first of all, no company makes public their actual costs.. as it is a trade secret.. whether it be McDonalds, Apple or Verizon.

at least with fast food places have "a-la carte value" menus (usually no more than $1.49).. there is very little of value when 15/5 megabits is being sold for $70 a month. that's like charging $2.99 for the big mac and $2.75 for the ordinary hamburger with 1/3rd the meat, fixins and everything else that makes it a value. Actual price range it SHOULD be.. $.79 - $1.29/// 15/5? no more than $39.99 these days.. and that's overly generous.

btw, if you want to live a long life.. eat as litte of the fast food stuff as you can.. you'd be better off licking the poles of a subway car at the end of the day compared with what the unskilled minimum wage labor does with your food before you get it.