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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Johnboy58

Re: [Internet] BHN Xbox users stay tuned here for good things

said by Johnboy58:

BTW,I'am still sufffering with wrong Blackout Games for NFL Sunday Ticket via PS3...

Directv keeps blaming you guys when I call.

But nothing else is impacted right....and I bet they are blaming us...especially since they charge you an arm, leg and second born just to watch NFLnet via the PS3...god forbid it could be their fault...they might have to refund part of that disgustingly outrageous fee. Besides its fashionable to blame the other guy for the issue especially when the other guy is an ISP. We see it all the time. Notice I haven't blamed them...just said I know it isn't us by what we've discussed so far. Which means it could be any of about 6 different networks or issues beyond us....

Oh and this isn't the thread for your technical issue..no cross posting Johnboy

But back to the Xbox...keep guessing guys
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Posting in a thread near you

Bakersfield, CA
Ok heres a real guess: The Brighthouse TV App will be available on Xbox Live.

Edit: somebody already guessed that. 2nd guess: Improved network performance for xbox live gaming.

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