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Re: HughesNet Gen4 BIG RIP OFF $$$$

I tried to give a history of my experience from the first week in Jan 2012 until now. I have spent many hours and calls with customer service which was unsuccessful. I was talked into Gen4 one week ago and it is just as bad. My average speed is between 2mbs-3mbs download, and the ping rate is as poor as before Gen4.
Customer service REP seemed to think because I could download a 360dpi video from You Tube my PowerPro plan service was ok even though the speed test confirmed otherwise.
My ISP service is running at a average of 20-30 percent of what my plan calls for and is not acceptable to me. It is also unacceptable to me for a customer service Rep to get upset with me after a hour with her when I ask to speak with a supervisor. And then leaves me on hold for another 20 minutes before coming back to tell my a supervisor will have to return my call latter that day which did not happen. I placed my case number during my first post it is,
Case Number 33450678
I have been putting up with this for 10 months and to find out after I sign up for Gen4 and its installed its the same story, No where near what Hughes Net is promoting!