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North York, ON
reply to aaah

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

So, trying to figure out timeline here, still haven't heard back from JF

Nov 2: Teksavvy submitted inquiry as to when they'll get the new speeds.
Nov 7: Rogers files tariffs
Nov 8: Rogers responds stating agg POI ISPs can have speed increases for a higher price, and non-agg ISPs are out of luck for faster speeds.
Nov 8: CNOC files request to enforce speedmatching.
Nov 9: CRTC responds with file-by dates for speedmatching enforcement
Nov 16: Rogers must respond to speedmatching enforcement request; all other comments must be in as well
Nov 20?: Response by CNOC/Consumers to Rogers's tariff notice on PRICING ONLY
Nov 23: CNOC response to Rogers/other comments must be in on the speedmatching

Looks like Tariff info will be in before the speedmatching decision, so they'll use that to figure out speedmatching nonsense.. Is that right, or am I screwing up dates?

EDIT: Fixing from a comment tumble made in IRC.
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