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reply to dillyhammer

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by dillyhammer:

The problem is the CRTC has spent the last decade and more pandering to the evil, encouraging it, turning a blind eye to it, aiding and abetting the camp as it were and whoring themselves out at the expense of consumers. The regulatory environment is such that Rogers acts like it does fully expecting to get away with it.

The CRTC is still whoring themselves out like cheap prostitutes on the take. It never stopped. They could make the Charbonneau commission blush.

»All expenses paid for hockey night to CRTC guy by Bell

Nothing has changed.

So far I only see some lip service from some chair who smiles a lot and the odd thing here n there to say hey "We are pro consumer/citizen like our mandate says we are". I don't fall for all this BS marketing hype Geist and others are stating about how it a new and different CRTC. Nor should you.

said by mlerner:

said by HiVolt:

I'm surprised JF is still doing this...

He apparently got nothing else to do except attend ISP and regulatory events or ride his bike to Timbuktu.

@mlerner, is this the rag on JF topic? Why don't you and the very few others create an, "I'm jealous of JF" topic and be done with it? Some of you sound like little jilted girlfriends. No offense intended, but he is still speaking for many people, does a great job, and steps up to the job.

Matter of fact I'll create the topic for you people (if the mod allows it to show) and you can all whine in there. k?