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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to TBBroadband

Re: Support

That is 100% baloney. If the modem is on the supported list (and even if it is not) you will receive the same service as the person that shells out $4/month for a device lease. The $4 is not a warranty or service contract, and there is a BIG difference--its a device lease. That is what that extra $7 they are concocting is for.

All level 1 does anyways is minimal troubleshooting, so lets not stop the presses.

In the 10 years I had TWC I ALWAYS owned my cable modem (remember when they were free with signup guys -- REALLY , and not once EVER did they not diagnose the issue. In fact the first thing they do is pull data from the CM. Every service call ended up being some hack contractor not running the cable from the tap properly and you know Buffalo winters kill anything with metal (thankfully I have fiber now).

Of course they reserve the right to charge $50 for a truck roll, and they find out your CM is the culprit, it doesn't mean they will. But the chances of that happening are SO slim. Most of the issues are signal and maybe device firmware, which if the CM is on the supported list, they can push from the comfort of their fingertip.

Now maybe your area is some commie CMA of TWC (through acquisition), but in WNY no such issues exist.

My point is buy the cable modem, save yourself from putting money under some executives bed, and sleep well at night. No boogeyman is coming.


Fremont, OH
That is not true for MidWest. The supported list only gives them the permission to update your bin file as needed an the firmware, techs will tell you this that work in the Midwest region.

Chances are in that 10 years you may have had Adelphia as well, that allowed their customers to purchase their own modems or pay a fee. TWC never charged their customers a fee until recently, which by the way is still $2.50 in the Midwest.

On another note- how would you know the practices of the MW area if you're from NY? You would not be under the same requirements as far as support unless its in the default AUP/TOS that TWC and RR use across the board.


Hazelwood, MO
Not entirely true.

They ALWAYS charged a fee for the modem. It just use to be a part of the price and thus was hidden in there.

This is the EXACT same thing as a below the line fee. Take things that were originally included in your X price, create a new line item for them, make up a number in profits you want to increase, add that as the charge Y all while keeping the original price the same so now you have X price + Y surcharge.