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Kitchener, ON
reply to ipanini

Re: [DSL] Basic question - Can MLPPP be applied with *ANY* ADSL

If you currently have pfSense then I recommend using its load balancing features. Basically, as each TCP connection is established it will get assigned to one of your DSL lines. A plain HTTP download will only be able to use one line, but something like a torrent or newsgroups where you have multiple connections will get full (combined) bandwidth.

All that being said, the VPS option does work too. You'd basically establish a VPN connection on each line to the VPS, and have the VPS combine the traffic from the two VPN connections. A MLPPP with PPTP rather than PPPoE basically (though it would be better for security if you could do it with IPsec rather than PPTP).

The latter setup isn't something that's commonly done. You'll also want to make sure your VPS is near (network wise) to your ISP's gateway or you'll add a lot of latency. I don't think the downsides (latency, complexity, cost) are worth it over the load balanced setup, but maybe you have particular needs that make it worthwhile.
Taylor Byrnes