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Houston, TX
reply to jubangy

Re: Grocery Store Checkout Lane Light

said by jubangy:

said by Russ6:

said by Hall:

I'm curious, what resolution do you want in the end ?

I wanted to be checked out without having to go to the end of another line and that is what happened.

I was curious on what other people thought should happen when the grocery store checkout lane light is turned off. Should the customers currently in line be forced to go to the end of another line or should the cashier check out everybody currently in line when the light is turned off?

From the previous replies, people have different opinions.

I want I want I want....
is half the reason good customer service is getitng so hard to find these days. People are so dam whiny and bitchy any more when it comes to customer service reps such as cashiers that it is ridiculous. Heres a switch, how about take your ass to the grocery store when you know you have time to compensate for a mishap or 2? Nah that would make sense make everybodys life hell while you stand there whining and bitching how your time is so much more precious then everyone elses. Maybe people should just start randomly picking businesses to drop in on and start bitchig at the employees for the hell of it. hell i dont even work in cs but pisses me off none the less. And now come Black friday, the same people who bitch about how the cashier screwed up will go shopping and make complete ASSES of themselves up to and including slamming old ladies into walls.
What a world we live in, me me i want i want but half cant pay their electric or rent but I bet will be grabbing all the goodies on nov 23rd.

If you allow people to take advantage of you, that is your business. I am not willing to let people take advantage of me.
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