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NW Minnesota
reply to alkizmo

Re: Gas lines and DIY

said by alkizmo:

Someone needs to send this link to Mythbusters.
They did an episode on whether a building can blow up from a gas leak (based on a Jason Bourne movie) and they couldn't replicate an explosion.

They need to revisit the myth because that building obviously blew up!

No amount of Mythbuster gas explosion failures will convince me gas won't explode a building. Back some 40 years ago in the one blinking stop light town in Manitoba where I'm from, there was a small barbershop just across the football field from the high school. One Saturday, in the wee hours of the morning, it went KABOOM. What started as a brick-faced, concrete block building was reduced to a basement with few steel beams remaining. The remainder was sprinkled all over town with the bulk landing in the football field.

Fast forward a few eons, after a couple of decades of being in the local volunteer fire company, I've seen my fair share of gas versus building along with creative homeowner repair failures. One of the most notable was a call on a very cold early morning for a structure fire. When we rolled up the fire was out but, what was a two-story farm house was now a 1.25 story house. The wife/mother was standing, dazed and confused, out in the -20*F cold wearing nothing but a nightgown. She stated that she turned on a stove burner to make coffee and saw a bright flash, heard a loud boom and was instantly in the back yard. Amazingly, she was unhurt other than some scorched hair. In each of the upstairs bedrooms we found the husband and teen-aged son. Both were laying on the floor beside the bed. Above each bed was a body impression in the ceiling. They were both seriously injured but survived.

If Mythbusters failed, they must have done it wrong.

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Martinsburg, WV
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said by Zach1:

If Mythbusters failed, they must have done it wrong.

Here's someone that did it right:
Four more years of cronyism, payoffs, bad energy policy and 60's radicals being in charge. Thanks for ruining our country.