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Colorado Springs, CO

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Re: Double Trouble!

Both the return path, i. e., upstream power level, at 54.3 dBmV and the received signal strength, i. e., download power level, at -11.5 dBmV are not very good. The high upstream level could be the cause of your problems, but both should corrected. Ideal downstream is 0.0 dBmV, but between -10 to +10 dBmV may work. The closer to 0 dBmV the better. I have had problems when upstream gets to 51 dBmV. When this happened, Comcast replaced my buried cable and all was fine. Obviously your mileage may vary

There should be no service charge if the problem is due to Comcast's hardware. If it's inside the house, they may or may not charge, depending on whether the fix is simple or your persuasive ability.
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