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[HN9000] HN ISP Host Server Blocks?

Just changed my eBay password & got a confirmation email with the IP address & ISP host the change originated from. The IP address looked fine, but it's not the same IP address that sites like DNSstuff show for me: example: ebay shows me as & DNSstuff shows, but the ISP Host was listed as "", according to eBay, which left me a little worried as to why it would show up to eBay as a blackhole address. Have I been hacked & being routed, on some watchlist, or is this how eBay reads HN people/HN proxies?

Running Ubuntu, not using a router, & had the DNS servers set to OpenDNS. Also run AdBlock on eBay, but not NoScript, if that would matter. I reset the DNS servers to Google's & changed my pw again & the conf email listed another "10.x.x.x" ISP host, but the same weird/wrong HN IP. Is this usual, how eBay reads the HN sys/proxy, or is this something I should be concerned about? eBay and HN support both have no idea, each telling me to call the other, so I'm hoping some buddy here might know.



Might be related to the fact you're preconfigured with turbo page server IP when turbo page or "web acceleration" is enabled. It uses your turbo page server IP primarily from what I know.