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4G speed reductionin 2013

Just received an email from VirginMobile!

Speed Reduction for Unlimited 4G Plans & Tracking Your Usage
•Speed Reduction for Unlimited 4G Plans:
•Once the system is updated, we will begin throughput speed reduction for the Unlimited 4G plans. To ensure all customers have reliable access to data services, we will begin implementation of throughput speed reduction, once the established threshold is reached. This will apply only to plans that include Unlimited 4G data. Speed reduction for Unlimited 3G plans will continue.
•To help ensure you're aware of your throughput limiting status, we'll send you an email message when 85% of the data threshold has been used, and again when you've reached 100% of your data threshold and speeds will be reduced.

Nice! They should thank us for using their service and not limit our data usage! This is AMERICA we are working HARD and we want an unlimited data usage!!!! So reduce my usage and I will STOP USING YOUR INTERNET SERVICE!!!! I can always go with the cable!!!!


Kansas City, MO
According to their new TOS the 4G Wimax throttle speed is 2Mbps... still a great value when compared to the 3G throttle speed of 256k on the old unlimited 3G plans.

The current 4G threshold is 10GB on 4G Wimax (or 500MB on 4G Wimax on the daily/24 hour plan).