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[TWC] Can't manage Ubee docis 3.0 modem (NYC)

Hi Guys. Maybe someone here can help out. I just switched to the faster 30 down package and got the new ubee modem/router. Great right? Except, that there is a user name and password set on this thing and TW absolutely refuses to provide it to me. I'm talking, I can't change a setting as simple as the wireless SSID. I've spoken to 3 techs, 2 supervisors. Nada. They feed me some crap about TW policy is not to give out this info. Why would they provide you with a router and then not let you manage it? Anyone had this happen? I was able to get in once, using "user" "user". Modem was reset and the password no longer works.


They do this because most users aren't computer literate/savvy and would do things that would compromise their security, such as disabling passwords to make it "easier to log in". While this protection may not be for you, for most users it's a necessary precaution. If you have the need to manage your own wireless settings then purchase your own router.


Granted, I understand this sentiment ( I am an IT sys admin) but its a slimey move. Spend extra money for another router for no legitimately good reason? Speaking of, for this to work, I'd have to put the modem in Modem Only mode. No routing. In which case, I'll still need the username and pass to accomplish. The irony.


North Bergen, NJ
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user/pass is quite easy. you are posting anon so there is no PM option for you


Hey bang bang, I have an account :"fullyklips". If you could help me here I'd highly appreciate it! Should be able to PM me there.


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Or you could call and have them bridge it for you.


Believe me, I called back today, and I spoke with 3 separate persons, and not one knew what the heck I was talking about.


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Then you need to call and ask for Tier 3, none of the lower levels can do what you want. What model of modem do you have?


Longwood, FL
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There is no reason why user/user should not work. Setting the modem to bridged mode is the only change that you cannot do without calling, in some areas. Try fully power cycling the modem, which involves disconnecting power, and removing/replacing the battery.

If that doesn't work, try, rather than


There's no reason it shouldn't, but it doesn't. Neither do the other password combos. The new Ubee boxes (with a W at the end) are totally locked down.


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I ran into the same problem with them in Sept, as well as yesterday. In september I found a tech who finally got me one of the passwords so that I could configure the modem. I was having an issue where the IP Rate Limiter was blocking my laptop since I had a ton of things running at the same time. Do the following to reset and configure your modem:

1. Reset the Modem to factory defaults by holding down the reset button on the back for about 10 seconds
2. Without the modem plugged into the Coax, plug into it with an Ethernet cable and go to » which should be the default IP of the router
3. Login with the username and password "user/user"
4. You can now change what you need. You will want to go to the firewall option and turn off the Limiter. There are two things checked by default, it's the first one. I can't remember the actual wording.

That should let you configure the modem just as you want. Be sure to secure it good, and change the default password. Just a note that this worked for me on a Ubee modem. When I reset it to defaults the original SSID comes back which is the one that comes from TW.


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You have to get Tier 3, I finished calling them to help me bridge. Hard reset won't work, it goes back to default after it connects to twc. I did try plugging out coax cable, no is no.

Rockaway Park, NY
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In NYC they will not let u manage their gateway modems unless u have signature service, calling or reseting to factory wont do anything once it provisions itself it uses tw pushed config. l/p is also not default or something you may think thats easy to figure out, my advice to u is to buy your own modem the type you want just verify on time warner approved devies list and then you will have access and also will not be billed modem fee every month.