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reply to resa1983

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by resa1983:

Knock it off guys. Lets keep this about CNOC vs Rogers, and not about how you guys think about JF. Its disrespectful, especially as he's busted his ass for years in his filings trying to make things better for all of us.

If I may interject here... Just wanted to add...

It's people & CNOC versus Rogers.

JF represents a lot of people (like the Quebec consumers union or PIAC or CIPPIC).

CNOC, as per their mandate, represents the resale business and their business interests. Thus the reason why JF is an important factor in all this. He brings all the question and rants we have on the table in plain language and doesn't represent business interests (like how CNOC member distributel was all for UBB, as an example).