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[DSL] Router problem?

Specs: Tp-link TD-8816 modem, Linksys wrt54g v3 (running DD-WRT v24-sp2 firmware) - usually connected to laptop (wired and wireless) , desktop (wired), and a tv box for streaming (wired). Speed: 6mbps/800kbps

Been experiencing some dropped connection for the past week and was wondering if it was the router, the modem, the chords, the power adapter/source or my computer. In the past, even with the tv box streaming the connections would never drop...that was until the past week; now I'd lose connection extremely momentarily but reconnect even without the streaming. I've done numerous disconnects and power cycles. Speedtests were irregular... would be great at times (4-5mbps/500kbps) but then have horrid momentary dips (sub 1mpbs/150kbps)... ping was usually pretty good 10-20ms range).
Spent over an hour on the phone with a super helpful Tekky this afternoon but had to cut it short because of guests; we only got up to the point where I was going to reconnect everything back together [modem (bridged) > router > comp].. thinking that I probably knew what was going on.

Before that, we did several line tests and speedtests with both the laptop and desktops directly connected to the modem showed strong signal and great speeds (10-15ms ping, just over 5mbps and under 700kbps consistently). Surfing the net and what not was smooth. After I hung up and reconnected the router, it became same old; irregular download speeds with dips. I was able to surf and what not for a bit but I would still get a dropped connection every so often. I've been also monitoring and it seems like every so often the wan ip would change; does not seem like it's holding onto the ip and the router seems to be picking up a new ip.

Is this a sign for a new router? I have used this for quite a few years.
Anyone shed some insight?


Grande Prairie, AB

Sounds like a dying router to me. I just picked up a murder of RT-N12/B1 for $35 apiece at ncix.com. Great little router when running Tomato.