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Lanett, AL
reply to StepBack

Re: How to get my supervision to back off

said by StepBack :

said by exocet_cm:

Edit: Where are your cable management arm support trays that plug into the rear of the rails?

They are in the trash where they belong. I measured everything so i knew exactly how long my cables needed to be and used Velcro to rap up the cables. I hate cable management arms because they just get in the way of everything.

You know, I had the same thought. My cable management arms on my 2950's stick out past the back of my rack forcing me to leave off the rear door (not really an issue but still, it'd be nice to have the option). I have thought about measuring and bundling with velcro to secure off the slack needed to pull the server out.

In my case though, I only have rails for two of the servers, the third was a recent ebay purchase and we have not gotten rails for it yet. For securing the non-rail server, I've found that a bent T bracket similar to this one works wonders to hold up the back of the server.