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Re: Latency and Packet Loss Problems - Over 2 months

Most of what you will get here is help determining issues not official comcast support.

Recommendation #1 run two cmd windows in window one
ping www.comcast.net -t
windows 2 look up gateway ip using ipconfig then ping that ip using -t

This sets up 2 ping commands running one your internet network to the gateway the other the external network to comcast.net

The gateway will wither be your modem or your router depending on which equiptment you have.

You can also try the line quality test at this website during problematic times, but suffices to say the other data we need is your modem levels and error logs if available form


Sebastian, FL

The 3D TraceRoutes and Ping Plotter do this exactly. The data is already provided in the screenshots above. The problem begins at the first hop after my gateway (hop 2 in the graphs).

For modem logs, they show 2 things from time to time
• MTA PROV: Failed (almost daily)
• No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out (once every 3-4 days at most)

I have only had the T3 time-out coincide once with when I'm having the problems. The MTA PROV has to do with my modem being VOIP enabled. I do not have VOIP through Comcast so this is of no consequence.