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Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to skinnydoggy

Re: [Cable] Modem will only connect to Internet directly to PC..

Some odd statements your making so will start with the basics:

- Coax cable goes into the Cable Modem
- Ethernet cable connects Modem to the WAN Port of the router
- Check the router's status page to see if it's getting a lease

** Do not connect the modem to any Ethernet switch or any LAN port on the router ** Doing so can lead to a random device(s) on the network obtaining a DHCP lease from the Cable Modem and causing all sorts of grief.

Once done the status page should look like the image above.


Scarborough, ON
Here is the strange thing... I cannot access my modem, or the router through any PC. If I directly connect my modem to my PC, works. If I connect my PC straight to the Router, I can access

I cannot pull up the modem, or router when the modem is connected to the router, and my PC is connected to one of the LAN ports of either router.

Maybe the modem is defective? I have never had a modem go, so very strange... Teksavvy assured me it wasn't the modem, they said signals and power levels were fine. I do of course know the basics, my setup had been working fine, with no issues for almost a year (since that major outage), and no changes to my setup.

Thanks for the post,


Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable

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The default IP address for the DIR-655 is, not sure about the other router some don't pass through the other subnet once they get an address, I know the DIR-655 does (same model I use). Posting some of the information on the WAN status / configuration would help others troubleshoot.