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Re: Comcast

said by antdude:

said by 34764170:

For that 1% or less of their customer base. The other 99% are on DSL.

Wow, I thought they were trying to get rid of DSL/copper lines.

They have FTTN for the most part; fiber to a neighborhood "node", similar to the MSOs; except their "nodes" are powered cabinets which contain remote DSLAMs. FTTP only in "greenfield communities", and very few of those.

They have an "Internet-only U-verse" service they call, "IPDSLAM". It is mostly ADSL2+ from the CO, though there is some VDSL from VRADs (the powered neighborhood cabinets). They are trying to move their ADSL (non-U-verse) customers over to IPDSLAM service. And they would like to sell off the copper plant where they would rather not try to service with any form of DSL. If the loop length is greater than 15,000 feet, or so, servicing with DSL faster than 1.5 Mbs becomes seriously problematic; so they would prefer to sell than to expend capital on additional remote DSLAMs.

I don't know the actual percent of the plant which is all fiber, but I doubt that it is as high as 2.5%. The rest is a hybrid plant; fiber to the neighborhood (node), copper to the premises.

I hate that! I meant, "FTTN", but managed to type, "FTTH"!
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