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I wish they would upgrade their lines...

Or at least let comcast buy them out... not having fiber plans makes gaming hard. I only have 7mbps down and 1.5 tops upload and my friend pays for basic net and gets 50 down and 25mbps upload... it is kind of sad that this is the best they can offer.

Their internet is sub-par compared to most because they don't use fiber and offer horrible upload ratios and modestly low download even for gamer packages. They are just the only people serving my area

Got Helix?
Putnam, CT
There is no reason that would not work for gaming, just an FYI. You may not be able to host huge sessions yourself but that's not bad.

Where do you live?


reply to justsomeguy
Typically a low ping is what hard core gamers are searching for. You have enough speed. Check your ping rates.

Kill the WiFi devices any anything else other on the LAN other then your gaming PC/console and you should see better results.
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