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Reading, MA
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Bundling works for me

I have a paid VOIP provider, like Vonage but not Vonage. I register my location with their E911 service. I assume a call to 911 with them will provide similar result to 911 call with Comcast or FIOS's VOIP.

You'd be better off to have an alarm that uses cellular back channel. In a typical house it's far to easy to simply disconnect the phone line at the NID (or clip the coax/fiber) before breaking in--heck on my homes they're even put at a convenient location which is usually between hip and chest height, and hidden from view (since people don't like to see the "utilities").

I love TV shows, I don't love what OTA and cable TV have become--too many shows are absolute crap, and it bothers me that I am really only watching a few current shows and mostly re-runs, yet my dollars are paying for shows like Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, etc...

So... I pay Netflix and Amazon to be able to watch TV. Amazon has nearly everything, much is available by streaming, some is free, some is for pay based on episodes, they allow "buying" and renting movies, for everything else you have it in 2-days if you subscribe to Prime (which you almost certainly would do because it's your access to their "free" streaming). On the plus side it makes it painfully obvious to the content producers what sorts of shows *I* want to watch, without simply taking my $30-50/mo and smearing it around the cable networks with no real notion of what I might be interested in.