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reply to OZO

Re: Straightening out Microsoft's confusing security tools

I always wondered what happened there.
It's a pity that support disappeared for the product.
Maybe there was technology in it they could incorporate in Win 7?
At least you hope it didn't all goto waste.

Applies To: Windows 7

Shared computers present unique challenges. Microsoft® publishes software that gives users a great degree of flexibility, allowing them to customize their experiences by configuring their computers’ settings. In shared-computer scenarios, however, administrators want to limit users’ ability to change settings, particularly settings that would affect the health of the computer or the experience of other users. Privacy and consistency are very important in shared-computer scenarios.

Windows® SteadyState™ is a free tool from Microsoft that helps make shared computers easier to set up and manage. In scenarios where users share computers (for example, in kiosks, schools, libraries, or Internet cafes). Windows SteadyState helps make those computers more reliable, providing a more consistent experience for users. Additionally, it helps defend shared computers from unauthorized changes and restricts users from changing system settings or files.

Windows SteadyState is a useful tool for shared-computer access; however, it supports 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista® only. It does not support Windows 7. You can learn more about Windows SteadyState, including the Windows operating systems it supports, at Windows SteadyState.

Although the link to SteadyState at the end of the quote on the page just links to Windows 8 (urgghh).
/whine off.

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