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Richmond, VA
reply to captokita

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 - best to pass it up: review Read more: ht

Anyone who lets Metro be the basis of their opinion of Windows 8 is making a huge mistake. You can like Metro and use it every day or hate it and never see it again. There is so much to Windows 8 that is new and important that I would not be overstating things if I said Windows 8 is to Windows 7 as Windows 7 is to XP. Let me list just a few improvements.
1)New Explorer with ribbons and quick access toolbar
2)Storage Spaces- A software method for adding redundant drive arrays consisting of drives of different types (SATA, USB, NAS (I think), etc.)
3)Advanced recovery options
4)Improved multi-screen support (taskbar is now useful on the 2nd screen, you can have different wallpapers on different screens)
5)Higher speed shutdowns and startups
6)Ability to Sync your computer settings across different PCs
7)Way improved file copying... you can pause a copy
8)New and improved CHKDSK
9)Secure boot (improved malware protection) From what I read, advanced rootkit protection.
10)Built in malware protection

Metro is a distraction as far as I am concerned, because all the talk of it detracts from a major improvement in the OS. Some people may like it, other might not, but if you don't like it, you can easily ignore it. My only complaint with 8 is the lack of a Start Button. Microsoft can justify the killing of Start as much as they want, but it just makes no sense to me. I'd almost be willing to bet that Windows 9 is about a year away and that will include something like a Start button. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a service pack bring it back. In the meantime it takes very little time to add some semblance of the traditional Start button to the taskbar. You can do this from within the OS or using a third party program.

Your concern about a script erasing your computer is misguided in my opinion. The same script could just as easily do what damage it wants with any prior version of Windows including erasing all your data. The fact is Windows 8 has more malware protection than any Microsoft OS before it.