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Re: what happened....

said by iansltx:

$20 says that:

1. The 700 Mbps speed was due to limitations of the computer testing the connection. Getting any OS to pass a gigabit of TCP traffic over a gigabit Ethernet port is impossible, and it's very hard to get even close to that, particularly with motherborad NICs these days. Give me a $60 NIC and maybe 800-900 Mbps will be achieved.

Agreed, there are a lot of cheap Gbit NICs on computers/laptops that can't do a full Gbit. Test on two computers simultaneously and it will push near full Gbit - I did this at the Google Fiberlounge in KC and got about 960Mbps. Not that it's needed but hey even 300Mbps for $70 is a great deal.


reply to aciddrink
Sorry for the duplicate post. It would rock to have a 1gig connection at home. The peak traffic at UNC is always during the NCAA tournament when everyone is watching basketball live stream.

Here is a link to UNC' network connections if you are interested. »help.unc.edu/help/campus-network···-speeds/


reply to Guspaz
Who downloads the entire movie before watching it anymore? That's arcaic, get with the times. Think to the future, it's all streaming, there's no reason to have thousands of copies of the same content stored all over the place. As long as your download is faster than the streaming rate, the user doesn't notice a difference.

As for backups, after the initial backup, it's all incrimental which is minimal. No point in backing up your itunes collection, it's all saved on your itunes account, much quicker and easier to retrieve it straight from apple.


Austin, TX
reply to xenophon
Yes it is. I'd certainly take it. Heck, I'd take 50 Mbps symmetric for $70, but that doesn't exist around here.


reply to aaronwt
That download 696.38 Mbps translates to ~87 MegaBytes per second. Most peoples' mechanical hard drives would be close to, if not already maxed out at that speed, depending on their computers hardware. Unless they are running SSDs or recently manufactured and almost empty mechanical HDDs, they would not be able to max out 1 Gbps even after accounting for TCP/IP overhead.

I can't believe I'm having to say this on a tech related site...
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