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Re: GW2: Mesmer Thread

Wow, been a long while since I posted this. I must have remade my mesmer a few times since then, but keep giving up since she feels so weak at the start. Supposedly it really takes level 35-40 before you get all the traits to make things smoother (like illusions cripple when they are killed, illusion on dodge, etc).

I made a new one and I'm using GS/S+P for leveling. While I love the staff skills, it seems to be more defensive in nature, so when I used that before to level it was a bit more painful. GS/S is enough dps to kill mobs, especially since I am also stacking the deck in my favor by leveling in zones below me. I'm cycling through the newbie zones.

I really want to make the mesmer work, so fancy and has butterflies!