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This is a sub-selection from no biggy

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reply to rradina

Re: no biggy

said by rradina:

The original post was about equipment maintenance. I compared it to the value of a wire maintenance plan which is nothing more than a bunch of cheats trying to separate folks from their money.

Wire maintenance was a result of the breakup of Ma Bell. Part of the consent decree. The next time you see Judge Green, you should thank him profusely for that. As a result of his decision, the demarc was the end of RBOC responsibility for the wiring.

Regarding grapes and gravel, I have always maintained all of this is a scheme from people who like to cheat.

I don't disagree on the equipment fee; if the company owns the equipment, they should take care of it. If the customer owns the equipment, the customer should take care of it.

Unless geography prevents it, hopefully you told your dad that you would take care of any wiring problems since it's unlikely he'd ever call.

How quickly could you drop everything and traverse 156 miles for a service call? Geography was definitely a factor.

And, yes, there was a discontinuity in your statement.
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Help me understand where I've deviated from claiming all these schemes are the same?

The history of how wire maintenance came into existence doesn't change the fact that it's just a bunch of cheats trying to game the system. I'm OK if the RBOCs don't own the wiring in my house and they expect me to maintain it but to offer me a protection plan -- even for a few bucks a month -- is absolutely taking advantage of fear generated from technological ignorance. Plumbing in homes is far and away more likely to fail and just as expensive (if not more) as a service call to repair telephone wiring. I suppose someone sells a plumbing protection plan too but I've never heard of one and folks don't seem to bat an eye paying $200 for the Roto Rooter guy to fix their drains.

Just the simple fact that someone thought of such a plan for an infinitely more reliable product demonstrates the quality of their character and the folks at TW who are tinkering with the idea of this new, optional fee are of the same ilk.