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Decatur, GA

I'm sending this to the GA Secretary of State

I'm sending this letter to the GA Secretary of State. I urge you all to do the same. In Georgia, weights and measures is handled by the Dept. of Agriculture. Each state is different.
You may be aware that internet service providers and cell phone companies have started imposing data caps on their customers usage, with high overage charges when they exceed the cap.

I am concerned that there is absolutely no oversight of the accuracy of the meters they use to bill customers. There are numerous reports of inaccurate meters, and in fact, some ISP's have temporarily discontinued the caps due to inaccurate metering.

There many reports of meters reporting data usage while the customer's equipment was unplugged or there was a power outage. Other technical users have measured their own data usage at their router and the usage results are different, and usually lower than what the providers are claiming.

When we consume gasoline, we are insured that we are getting a gallon because the pumps are inspected by the State and sealed, and consumers can verify the accuracy on their own. When we buy food, scales are also inspected for accuracy and consumers have easy access to other scales to verify their purchase.

When we buy data, there is no such oversight, inspection or guarantee that these usage meters are correct, and no way for the average consumer to verify that they are being billed correctly. This provides an open opportunity for providers, who are notorious for nickel and dime'ing their customers with so called "regulatory" non-fees, to overcharge customers with inaccurate data usage meters. More information on this can be found at www.dslreports.com

The laws of Georgia must be brought up to date to embrace the digital age and insure that meters that are used to measure and bill for data usage are accurate and verifiable. I urge the State to act quickly, because the use of voice over internet, video and other data consumption is expanding at lightning speed, and even small overcharges amount to millions of dollars of illicit income for the providers.