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Bozeman, MT
reply to drew

Re: 3 Day Weekend Adventures

I had my washing machine issues last month...

Wife says the washing machine is making a grinding banging crunching noise, won't agitate. I should have, but I didn't think about trying to turn the dial to drain cycle to pump the water out, I just pulled the garden hose in the door and siphoned out the water. I figured the transmission was probably gone. Don't have time to mess with the whole transmission right now.

I checked on Craigslist and found a listing for a SET of washer&dryer. I don't need both, but the owners are moving and want them gone. OK, fine, I'll take them.
Got the washer swapped out. It works OK. Seems to be smaller than the one we were using. Oh, well. It washes clothes.

Less than a week goes by and I see another listing for giving away a washer. Says it has problems. Same model as my old one, series 80 instead of series 70. Parts might interchange...

I finally get time to mess with the Kenmore washers. Try to take the back off like I used to do with the old Maytag. There is an AWFUL lot of pieces attached to the back panel. Check on internet to see how am I supposed to check under the hood. Simple. A couple of screws under an easy panel on the front and the whole case comes off.


The washer with 'problems' overflows if you stop it during a cycle. Start it again and it fills more and runs water onto the floor. I figured it was probably a bad water level sensor. I found the little hose that goes up from the wash basket to the water level sensor was cracked. If you stop the cycle, it has time for the (little tiny bit of) pressure (inches of water column) in the hose to leak out and the sensor thinks it needs more water. That was sure simple.

I looked at the other machine. Found one of the plastic pieces of the coupler was broken. That was simple fix too.

Now I have two extra washing machines and a dryer. I'll pass a set on.

North, VA
said by ttiiggy:

Now I have two extra washing machines and a dryer. I'll pass a set on.

I bet you could easily find a needy home for them and it's close enough to Christmas for you to play Santa.