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Re: HughesNet Gen4 BIG RIP OFF $$$$

I have posted my concerns and case number on the Hughes Forum under problems as you suggested. The only security I am running is Windows Security Essentials. As I stated I can go to a land line "Time Warner" fiber optic Ethernet 20mbs service, and I get 15mbs to 18mbs consistently. I also have a Desktop PC in my office and experence exact same troubles.
The installer that did my upgrade had 14 years experience and is a dealer "owner" for Dish network, DirectTV,WildBlue"Exceed",Hughes Net. I was watching the laptop install screen when he was re-pointing the dish and if I remember right it showed a reading of 140 was perfect and the installer locked it down @ 138! Took 30 minutes total. Said he had 2 other installers he had trained working for him full time.
This is not my first high speed connection, I moved from the DFW metroplex where I had 12mbs fiber optic Ethernet to the country 2 years ago. I understand slow day/times when more demand is on the ISP, IE:Right after the kids get home from school and you can see it go back up right after the rug-rats go to bed. Of course you can expect weekends and holidays to degrade service speeds too.
My big complaint with Hughes Gen4 is when they advertise 10mbs down/2mbs up I expect it to be close if not exceed those speeds during slower demand times and be no less than 70% of that when their in a higher demand time frame.
The 20%-30% average with a peak of 4.5mbs is unacceptable to me. From dealing with their Customer Service Rep's and when they try to get me to believe thats ok service for the $100 a month this is costing me is the exact reason I want my service with HughesNet canceled.