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reply to Dustyn

Re: Ransomware a growing menace, says Symantec

I got the FBI/Moneypak virus yesterday. Not sure how it happened.

I was on my system early in the morning before work checking the weather on weather.com and checking gmail. Didn't click on any odd links in any emails. Left the computer on, turned the monitor off and went to work.

When I got home around 5 pm I turned the monitor on and had the FBI/Moneypak lock-out screen. Booted into safe mode with networking, did some googling to find out what it was (I hadn't heard of this before), downloaded one of the removal tools and let it do it's thing.

Now, how the hell did it get on my system? Modem/router is a Motorola SBG6580 (TWC) with the firewall on. Windows firewall is on, and I also have Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 with both the firewall and anti-virus active and up to date.

So, what more am I supposed to do to do keep it from happening again? How did it get passed the security I'm currently using?
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Keep your security tool update would be a good move. Kaspersky IS is at version 2013. You are three years behind. If you have a valid license you should be able to upgrade, free of charge, to the latest version.

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reply to Postal
said by Postal:

I got the FBI/Moneypak virus yesterday.. how the hell did it happen?

your computer probably was infected with malware as a result of your having "java" installed and its not being up-to-date..

what more am I supposed to do to do keep it from happening again?

you could uninstall "java"..

i would also recommend that you use "firefox" with the "noscript" addon..