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Waseca, MN
reply to Expat_Trav

Re: [IN] Cable Modem has Stopped Channel Bonding

I reported the same issue of losing Chanel Bonding in Sept and it still hasn't been resolved. I am getting no benefit from a DOCSIS 3.0 modem at this point. I also of coarse get slow speed during any peak hours without the bonding to help out. My signal levels and SNR are great, so has to be a head-end issue.

I PM'd Chad but of coarse nothing was wrong that he could see and only could setup a Tech Visit. A home tech visit will do nothing as it is either a policy change to not bond certain service levels, some joker at the head-end who has messed with the settings or an equipment failure or they moved equipment to another area (this has happened in the past when a larger area had a failure and they took our local QAM up-steam card and replaced it with a QPSK (slower) model.)

Here is my thread: »[Cable HSI] Channel Bonding


Nappanee, IN
Thanks for the heads up. my bandwidth during the day (i remoted to my pc from work and ran a speed test was almost acceptable) now i finally get home after a 14 hour day and no one in the family can do anything online.
my amazon prime has been loading for 5 minutes, netflix tells me the servers down.

3 minutes and counting for the speediest.net website to even load...