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Evans, GA
reply to Immer

Re: What UI is this?

So, I just scoured the interwebs for a difinitive assessment of the "best" raid frame. Guess what? doesn't exist.

X-Perl is still a favorite... the most common complaints are the high memory use and "too much eye candy stuff". It's biggest pro is... it's been around forever and people who love xperl just love it.

PitBull is also a favorite. It was built to be more memory efficient and is highly customizable. lots of reference to AgUI.

SUF is considered the simplest to use, clean, and the lightest. Basically if you are looking for clean and fuss-free, go with SUF.

ElvUI is a different animal. Complete UI replacement. Either you like the whole package or you don't. If you find yourself "turning off" a majority of the features in ElvUI... you probably could have gotten by with a smaller addon.

Grid is cool-looking, fine for non-healers right out of the box. Customize "look and feel" to your heart's content. In my personal opinion... the worst way to go for being an informed healer especially when compared to the wealth of information provided by the stock raid frame.
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