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[PHONE] Static on Phone

I have the Cox Digital Telephone service, that does not use a eMTA.. (Legacy) - i have bad static on my line, that people tell me they hear when i talk to them (I don't hear it at home myself)

Cox came by and said it was hum-bar interference with AT&T U-verse in my neighborhood.. Anyone believe this story or can make a suggestion?

They said, if I switched to an eMTA, it would not resolve the issue, as i'd be likely to 'drop' calls instead of having static..

I have no problem bonding 3 downstream / 1 upstream on my Docsis 3 modem... With no real signal problems. Any advice?

Mary Esther, FL
Static shouldn't come from the phone itself it's digital, unless you got static in your lines (inside wiring) before you get a tech over, make sure you sign up for their $5.00 a month plan or an unexpected $59.00 service fee will appear on your bill (which cox never told me about when I had a service call)