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nice irl
Milwaukee, WI
reply to mettachain

Re: What UI is this?

said by Snuffbox:

It's largely considered the best unit frame out there

said by mettachain:

It is NOT largely considered the best unitframe out there

Largely = Majority. Sorry to burst your bubble, it is in fact one of the best if not the best.

• X-Perl Unit frames gets 435,947 Monthly downloads
• Shadowed Unit Frames gets 54,524 Monthly downloads.

As Curse confirms ^ (credit Immer).

• HealBOT Continued gets 424,171 Monthly downloads
• Grid gets 280,589 Monthly downloads
• VuhDO gets 165,059 Monthly downloads

Healbot, Grid and Vuhdo - while none of them compete. They are not meant to be stand alone unit frames. People use them in addition to their frames (whether they be Blizzard, or Xperl/Suf/Shadowed). So I personally don't believe they are comparable, again not that it matters they're still below Xperl.

Metta, consider your cookie withdrawn.